There was a time, when potatoes were just plain potatoes.

People boiled them, baked them.

Then, some smart folks started to fry them. And made fries.

And so, for centuries the potato remained conservative.

It was not until the boredom got so thick, that finally, someone screamed!

" I want more than just salt and ketchup on my fries! "

That was when some English dude said, " Yea... Let's crazy up those fries and chips! " It broke all the rules: all traditions...

Even the palace kitchen staff was hoping mad for the oldest royal recipe had been violated!

The British with crazy on potatoes ... and the rest is history.

From its simple British origin, Crazy Potato was fast to rule the taste buds of young, restless people who mob the shopping malls in any city.

It is the freedom they say, "You can sauce up the chips the way you would on pastas, pizzas, burgers, and that's a very cool way to like your chips and fries."

Indeed, you can just go crazy with anything and everything with potatoes! Check out the Crazy Potato MENU and go nuts... Go crazy!